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Why you need a commercial interior designer to design your office.

Need help to design your office?


The office is the core of your business… no matter what type of business you have, your office is the place where everything starts and ends, the hub and heart of the whole scope of your operations.

It’s easy to move into a new office and think ‘I’ll organise this later… when I get time’.


But several months (or years!) later you’re still sitting at a cramped desk overflowing with papers, coffee cups and stacks of box files. Your motivation has evaporated and your creativity disappeared along with last year’s tax return that ‘should be around somewhere!’

Whether you’re a freelance agent working from home or a multi-million company with branches all over the world, to get the most gain from your business your office needs to be a well-designed, organised place where admin can be carried out, ideas can develop and flow, and goals can be set and won.

A commercial interior designer can help you to design your office – providing advice and recommendations that you may not have thought of.


Just a few things to consider are:

  • Think carefully about what you’ll actually use your office for – what are the main tasks that will be done in the office, will you need a place to meet visitors, do you have regular meetings that need a dedicated space, will staff have their own individual desk or will you have flexible hot desks with laptops?
  • You may like the idea of an open plan office – but do any of your staff have confidential work or need peace to concentrate? You may need a quiet room or screened off area in part of the office.
  • Do key team members, such as the marketing team or sales team, need to be grouped together in the office to help with communication and work flow?
  • Think of the traffic flow in your new office – is it easy to get from one end to the other without taking too many detours? Can you access the printer/stationery cupboard/water cooler without disturbing anyone?
  • How much storage do you need – certainly more than you might think! Consider storage for stationery, spare electrical accessories, marketing material, filing, cleaning equipment, tools, seasonal items such as desktop fans etc. If you use hot desks your staff may need somewhere safe to store personal belongings such as a bank of lockers.
  • Beanbags may look cool – but are you really going to use your laptop slumped down there on the floor? Think of what the breakout furniture will be used for and how often it will be used, then invest in whatever will work best with your requirements.
  • Will you have a separate canteen or a couple of integral coffee points in the office? While these should be easy to access remember that it’s good for your employees to have a short break from their work occasionally so plan your breakout areas with your staff’s wellbeing in mind… taking a short stroll and having ten minutes away from the desk helps productivity to thrive!
  • Meeting rooms are another area to be thought through – do you need a large boardroom that will hold all of your staff at once, do you have smaller stand-up huddles where a high table in the office will be sufficient, or what about modular tables and sliding walls for your meeting room so it can be reconfigured as necessary?

A commercial interior designer can help you work through all these questions, assess your requirements and produce a floor plan showing how it will all fit into the space you have. 3D visuals are also a helpful way to help you picture what your office could look like.

Get in touch today – we’ll be happy to help design your office and create an inspiring space for you to enjoy!


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